Important update for the dashboard

Hi there! A great update is going to be released in the coming days. Please read as there are important information: Special mention for the “Restore Purchases” option Let’s take an example. I buy a premium request for 50 icons and I send a request for only 30 icons. So there are 20 icons left. … More Important update for the dashboard


Google’s playground

EDIT 04/28/2023: I’m clearly not the only concerned. Additional reading on Android Police => Google Play has created a no-win situation for the creators of icon packs Hard Blow I work on icon packs since 2017. Since day one, I do my best to create original content and answer to all your requests. Google recently … More Google’s playground

Send encrypted emails for your icon requests via OpenPGP

By default, the emails we send are not encrypted. You may want to protect them. Here is my fingerprint: EA6A 6336 8D6F 736E A6C9 7244 33E7 5D5F 48C4 8EE9 My public key is available online on You can also contact me by email, Twitter, Telegram to get my public key. Copy the body of … More Send encrypted emails for your icon requests via OpenPGP