Candybar dashboard to the next level

Since we work on Icon packs we use CandyBar dashboard to provide useful features for you and for us: icon requets tool, wallpapers,…

The official version of CandyBar has been discontinued by its original author several months ago.
It isn’t a deal breaker because basic features still work today but we still had issues like dropping support for Android Lollipop and below, no support for adaptive icons,…

Since Candybar is an open source project sarsamurmu has created a fork and added many new features:

  • Added support for Adaptive Icons.
  • Updated Translations.
  • Added option to Disable Icon Request from JSON stored in Cloud.
  • Now shows Request Available, Used even for Regular Requests.
  • Option to Close app if installed outside of Playstore.
  • Option to Enable/Disable AppUpdater and Checking JSON Before Requesting.
  • Uses New Muzei API.
  • Now it Loads Right Icon and Name from ComponentName instead of PackageName.
  • Added POCO, Posidon, Pixel Launcher. Minor Fixes to Old Launchers.
  • Added Support for Desktop Shortcuts(Sesame Shortcuts too).
  • Added Analog Clock Widget.
  • Support for Android P
  • Support for AppUpdater
  • Migrate to AndroidX
  • Added Support for Linking “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions”
  • And many more!

We had to drop support for Android Lollipop and below but the new dashboard is compatible starting from API 15 (Android 4.0.3)!! 🙂

You may noticed that new checks are implemented to fight against warez. The app must be installed from Google Play. If you restored it from Titanium Backup for instance, it won’t work. You have to reinstall the app from Google Play.

We sincerely hope that you will appreciate the new dashboard! As a developer, I can say that it offers significant improvements.

Thanks again for your support.
See you in the next icon requests 🙂

OSheden & Primokorn

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